No one cares about my content. Medium can have it.

I have always thought that everyone should “Own their content” as well as the platform it’s published on. Basically, you should run your own blog on your own server at your own domain. Lately, though, I kind of stopped thinking about this.

Of course, some writing is vitally important and should be preserved. Links should never break, etc. I understand and agree.

But my writing doesn’t really matter. It’s certainly not important. I mean, what if (GASP!) the site I post my random thoughts on just goes away one day!? What if they change the ToS or whatever? Or introduce Ads!?

Do I care? I thought I did, but perhaps not.

Can you tell I’m considering posting directly to Medium and letting them handle the hosting, distribution, stats, comments, CDN, etc.? I’m talking myself into not caring about something that I thought I cared deeply about, and it’s a little scary. I’m trying it on to see how it fits.

This post, then, is not syndicated or cross-posted from anywhere else. It only exists here in Medium¹. What a world!

¹Of course I copied and pasted the published text into DEVONthink. I’m not stupid! :)



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Jack Baty

Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services. Former partner at Fusionary (1995-2020). Now an interested bystander.