• Derek Sivers

    Derek Sivers

    I've been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher. See https://sivers.org/

  • LI Sam

    LI Sam

    Leica, GR3, Sony, Minolta & Film user, Street Photographer based in Hong Kong… 小小的器材控,近年學習放下器材,走進行頭小巷拍攝生活日常的小事小景 https://linktr.ee/samlee.hk

  • James Gowans

    James Gowans

    Simple and easy are rarely synonymous http://jamesgowans.com

  • Patti Niehoff

    Patti Niehoff

    I've had poetry and I've had cancer. I like poetry, mostly haiku. Also tea. And Pilates.

  • Kevin Holesh

    Kevin Holesh

    Maker of Moment https://inthemoment.io and Focus https://justdrive.io

  • Anton Zuiker

    Anton Zuiker

    Organizer of online community & face-to-face gatherings. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Vanuatu '97-99). I work at Duke University; my tweets are mine only.

  • zdennis


    Craftsman, coder, author, learner. Musician, friend, fellow human. Happily married to my lifelong best friend.

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