You’ll find a paper notebook near me most of the time. Writing on paper helps me remember things better than typing notes into an app on a computer. Because I’m a visual thinker, writing on paper helps me find things later. I tend to remember, spacially, where I write things; as in, “It’s in the lower left corner toward the front.”

I thought Apple’s iPad and Pencil would be ideal for taking notes. They aren’t. The combination of iPad and Pencil is an amazing bit of technology, but using an iPad as a notebook sucks. Writing on an iPad feels…

It only takes a few seconds to write something down in a notebook, and look what it gets you. It gets you an immutable, permanent record of something in a cool, personally unique format. It produces a physical artifact that will last for generations.

For a few years, I recorded each movie I watched and each book I read in a large notebook…just one line for each entry. But, as often happens, I was sucked into doing it digitally instead because convenience or search or whatever. This is a shame because what do I get for having a text file…

Reading blogs on Medium feels more like reading advertisements. It makes me not want to be here, which is a shame.

Or maybe it’s about drawing (semi-arbitrary) physical boundaries in digital spaces: I need ways to differentiate between the digital equivalent of talking to someone in the street vs. at a restaurant vs. in my house, and drawing the line between diff apps lends a bit of physicality to those relationships

Nadia Eghbal, 2020–12–09

This is exactly the way I use messaging apps.

I have always thought that everyone should “Own their content” as well as the platform it’s published on. Basically, you should run your own blog on your own server at your own domain. Lately, though, I kind of stopped thinking about this.

Of course, some writing is vitally important and should be preserved. Links should never break, etc. I understand and agree.

But my writing doesn’t really matter. It’s certainly not important. I mean, what if (GASP!) the site I post my random thoughts on just goes away one day!? What if they change the ToS or whatever? …

You know what I hate? I hate when I’m reading a nice article or blog post or whatever and the author mentions something that I might be interested in and helpfully links to it, but when I click the link, I find myself staring at an embedded audio player that says “1:39:06” somewhere on it.

Well shit, it’s a podcast. Never mind, I guess.

I mean, I do want to learn about the thing, but to do that I don’t want to wade through two minutes of unnecessary intro music followed by ten minutes of two dudes humble-bragging and laughing…

When I consider increasing my use of Instagram for sharing photos, all I see are people absentmindedly scrolling past the things I’ve worked to create and share. I’m doing nothing more than “feed”ing them so they can kill a few idle minutes. They’re not even really looking. Why would I want to do that? The kinds of photographs I like, and the ones I like to make, are not the ones alarming enough to make people stop scrolling, nor are they the ones best suited for viewing on a fucking telephone.

My last house had a proper darkroom. It was a little janky, but there was a big sink, room for three enlargers, a wet side, a dry side, etc.

When I moved into my new house, I originally planned to turn an extra room in the basement into a shiny new darkroom. That didn’t happen, so I’ve been using the bathroom instead. It works fine.

Here’s my fancy darkroom.

Kevin asks, “I’m curious to know what kind of stuff you are tinkering with in Craft Editor?”. Good question, but I don’t have a great answer yet.

The short version is, not much.

Craft is a new-ish notetaking app for the Mac and iOS. It’s quite pretty and rather fancy. I of course try every new app for notes, so I have been playing with Craft for a couple of weeks.

Craft immediately reminded me of, but I don’t like using Notion, so I dismissed it at first. After tinkering a bit, I grew to see it as a…

What if I used Medium as a microblog? That would be crazy, right? I mean, isn’t Medium a place for pseudo pundits and self-important twats to post long-form capital-C Content? Maybe, but could it also be where a goofball like me just blurts things out?

Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services. Former partner at Fusionary (1995-2020). Now an interested bystander.

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